Hello there! Welcome to the Nightshade Nursery! My name is Spencer for those wondering. I take care of this site as well as grow lots and lots of tomatoes every year with my mother, Kyle. Check out the Blog tab to see the latest information on transplanting tomato plants outdoors!

Note: We are done selling tomato plants for the season. All we have left are about 10  Orange Jubilee plants left. We may try and give these away to a local pea patch if no one else wants them. In the mean time for those who want to snipe these plants before they are gone fell free to drop me a line through the contact page and we can figure out how to get them to you.

A big thank you to the Beach Drive Blog and the Seattle Times for writing about our little operation here.

Prices: $4 as of May 15th.

Below is a list of our inventory this season.

Orange Jubilee


Indeterminate. A Burpee original—and an All-America Selections winner in 1943. Burpee’s Jubilee is the outstanding result of a stabilized, six-generation selection from a cross between Tangerine and Rutgers tomatoes. Up to 3″ across, the bright golden-orange globular fruits are smooth and solid, with a mild delectable flavor. High-yielding plants. 80 days to maturity. Plants 5 ft tall.

(Out of Stock) Heirloom Hot Tub Beefsteak Tomato


Determinant. Volunteer tomato that grew on our bulkhead exposed to salt spray, so we know it is rather hardy. This is our favorite for under our windows on the west side. They only get 3 feet tall and it is very easy to pick the medium size beefsteak that come in the months of July and August. 65 – 75 days to maturity.

(Out of Stock) Purple Calabash (from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello)


Indeterminate. The culture of the ribbed and scalloped Purple Calabash Tomato dates to pre-Columbian Mexico. It is uniquely acidic, but with a rich and concentrated flavor. Delicious fresh, this tomato really shines in sauces and pastes. 85 days to maturity. Plants 6 to 8 ft tall.

(Out of Stock) Yellow Perfection Organic Heirloom


Indeterminate. Old British seeds from the 1800s found in a seed vault. Great for salads. Thin skin globe shaped 3 to 4 inch fruit. 75 days to maturity. Plants 6 to 8 ft tall.

(Out of Stock) Pink Egg Tomato


Honestly a bit of a mystery to us. Received these seeds from a Moldovan family. They may turn out like the image above but no guarantees. Until we can verify what these tomatoes look like they will be a gamblers variety. Indeterminate? 65 – 70 days?

(Out of Stock) Yellow Pear Organic Heirloom


Indeterminate. Enormous numbers of yellow bite-sized fruits. This extremely old variety makes a vigorous plant that bears enormous numbers of bright yellow, bite-sized fruit. The flavor is deliciously tangy. Perfect for summer party hors d’oeuvres. Certified Organic Seed. 78 days to maturity. Plants 6 to 12 ft tall.


(Out of Stock) Heirloom Pineapple Tomato


Indeterminate. Very large fruit, up to 2 lbs each. The yellow fruit has red marbling through the flesh and is one of the most beautiful tomatoes we grow. The flavor is very sweet and fruity; good yields! 95 days to maturity. Plants 4 – 5 ft tall.



(Out of Stock) Brandywine Heirloom (from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello)


Indeterminate. The Brandywine Tomato is considered the most esteemed late 19th century heirloom tomato, named for a stream in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It has potato-like leaves and large, meaty, reddish-pink fruit. 75 – 80 days to maturity. Plants 5 ft tall.

(Out of Stock) Red Fig Tomato Heirloom (from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello)


Indeterminate. Red Fig Tomato is an heirloom variety from Philadelphia dating to 1805. They were traditionally dried or made into a sweet preserve to be eaten in winter like figs, but they are also sugary sweet eaten fresh. The deep red fruits are pear-shaped and about 1½ inches long. 75 days to maturity. Plants 6 to 12 feet tall.


(Out of Stock) Striped Roman Tomato


Indeterminate. Paste tomato variety for sauces, ketchup, canning or freezing. 75 – 80 days to maturity. Plants 5 ft tall.